50 Things Men Should Know

1 Knowledge is Power.
2. Somebody has already learnt what you need to know.
3. The best move lies very close to the worst.
4. Sometimes you just have to turn it off.
5. Never hope against hope.
6. Never trust a weeping man.
7. No honest man go unpunished.
8. You are just like your old man.
9. Know your way home.
10. Always stand on ceremony.
11. Dogs are good.
12. Less is more.
13. Sports proverbs are profound and existentially useful.
14. Sports proverbs are banal and make little sense.
15. Some men just never learn.
16. Sometimes a women can be one of the boyz.
17. We like to watch.
18. Fashion is fleeting but style is eternal.
19. The grass may look greener on the other side, but its just as hard to cut. Little Richard.
20. All the glory in the world fits in a kernel of corn. Fidel Castro.
21. If there is miscommunication blame yourself not the audience. You are the message. Roger Ailes.
22. All good work is done in defiance of management. Bob Woodward.
23. Attack power with wisdom
24. Have a sense of humor about your appearance.
25. Word are deeds.
26. Don’t watch TV.
27. Its a small world but not if you have to clean it.
28. Winning and losing – both are confusing.
29. Always unzip your fly before you take a leak.
30. Admit Nothing.
31. A long shot pays more that the odds.
32. Be the brother you never had.
33. Get off first, finish tough, and get away clean.
34. Great poem make good prayers.
35. The future is bright.
36. The future is bleak.
37. Leave no friend untested.
38. No women is convinced of her beauty.
39. Sex is still worth it.
40. Work well with others.
41. You gotta have soul.
42. It doesn’t count if you don’t keep score.
43. love thy enemy.
44. Know where you money goes.
45. You can’t eat honor.
46. The best things in life aren’t free.
47. You only live once.
48. You only die once.
49. You might as well laugh.
50. Don’t worry be happy.

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