Lailatul Qadr

Lailatu Qadr is the night of power and evidently we do not have a certain date it falls  on. Most Muslims pray all through the last ten days of the Ramadan. Some have fixed dates which range from 21st  through the 27th  and some believe that the last ten days are the most powerful of the entire month.

I always wonder what these events should do and how we can make them special for us. One perspective which is the obvious one is that these special days are a reminder for forgetting minds. Humans greatest quality and perhaps the weakest one is forgetting. Greatest since it will be devastating to remember all the undesirable events that happen in our lives and weakest since in the name of forgetful beings we attribute all our short comings to the fact that we do not remember. Laitul Qadr and other such events are just a jolt in the course of our lives to remind us that we need to contemplate live here after and give it some thought. In the hustle bustle of our lives we are always trying to balance evrything that we do and often times we are unable to see through the wide angle lense.

I would suggest that when we pray one or several night during Ramadan just ask ourselves what do I believe and and where I want to go? Contemplating like this will hopefully give us sense of direction and we will perhaps remember our purpose a bit longer.

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