Red Itchy Eyes

For about 7 years I have had red eyes. At times I would avoid going out because was worried what people would think. Needless to mention most of them were very kind and did not even bring it up however occasionally someone would pass a comment saying “hey did you know your eyes are red” and I would say “duh” in my head. I consulted with several eye specialists but to no avail. Tried all kinds of drops even asteroids. Finally was able to cure it by using “proactive”. I am not a doctor but feel like talking to so many of them have almost become one. I would urge all of you to try this at your own risk. I am not recommending it just sharing how I fixed my problem.

My theory is that I had a pimple inside my eyelid which was bacterial and caused irritation. I kept telling my doctors that I feel that there is something in my eye and they would look and say nop nothing in there. So finally I applied a thin layer of proactive on outside of my eyelid making sure it didn’t get in the eye. It stung a little but in three days I felt much better. It has been about three month and no visits to the doctors and no drops.